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Sheet Metal Screw Suppliers Rajapalayam   Sheet Metal Screws

Sheet metal screws make excellent fasteners for attaching metal hardware to wood because the fully threaded shank provides good retention in wood. Has sharp threads that cut into a material such as sheet metal, plastic or wood.

Gowri House Metal Works LLP is a leading manufacturer of Sheet Metal Screws in South India. Backed by extensive industry experience of over 6 decades, we have been manufacturing, supplying and exporting our clients with a range of Sheet Metal Screws, in India. These are available at very reasonable prices, and can be provided in various standard and customized specifications.


Sheet-Metal Screws are originally designed for metal to metal, metal to wood and furniture works, but can be used for a number of other applications too. They can be used with plastics, rubber, or plywood.

The screws are classified based on Head of the screw & screw drive Type. The following are the heading shapes in our product range.

Screw Head Shapes

Pan Head

Pan Head Screws manufacturers India

A low disc with chamfered outer edge.

Countersunk (CSK) or Flat head

CSK - Countersunk of Flat Head Screws suppliers India

Conical, with flat outer face and tapering inner face allowing it to sink into the material.

Oval or Raised head

Oval or raised head screws Rajapalayam South India

A decorative screw head with a countersunk bottom and rounded top.

Screw Drive Type

Flat or Slat

Flat or slat screw drive type India

The most common screw drives are the slotted.


Philip screw drive type India

Philip types of drive are intended for automatic hand driven tools used in automobiles.

We have produced various sizes of screws combination of the above head Shapes. In wood screws, we have produced around 65 sizes as well as in sheet metal screw around 85 sizes.
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